Ministerial Services

Individual Intuitive Life Counseling: Do you need help solving a problem in your life. Are you attracting negative situations? Are you experiencing  stress with no resolve? Are your feelings and thoughts conflicting? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions you can benefit from Intuitive Life Counseling. 1st session – $100. 1 hr. additional sessions. $75.


Funerals: A beautiful service specially customized for you and  your departed loved one. $100.

Welcome your newborn/toddler into the world with a beautiful customized ceremony for that very special day. Certificate included. $100.


Weddings: A beautiful non denominational service customized to your  requests for your special day. Includes rehearsal and ceremony. $150.

How to Write Your Wedding Vows

There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are considering writing your own wedding vows:

A.  Keep your wedding vows concise, yet meaningful.  Too many people will overload a wedding ceremony with verbage that is redundant and overkill the meaning behind a wedding vow.   Don’t torture your wedding guests with a long wedding ceremony!  It’s very interesting that the shorter the ceremony, the more guests come up afterwards and say, “Oh! that was the best ceremony I’ve ever been to.”

B. If you write your own wedding vows from scratch, make sure that it is edited by someone you trust.

C. A sample wedding ceremony program often has these elements:
1.  The wedding processional (walking down the aisle)
2.  The opening of the wedding ceremony or call to the guests
3.   Some words from your wedding minister on love or marriage and poem readings
4.   The wedding vow
5.   The ring exchange ( wedding ring exchange vows )
6.   The pronouncement of marriage
7.   Blessing
8.   The introduction as husband and wife
9.   The wedding recessional
Note: You can say anything  you want to say that is fitting for your relationship as long as you both agree.  You may also write the vows of the ring exchange.

D.  Often a passage that you like, a song or a wedding love poem can be included in your marriage ceremony.  A special guest, a member of the wedding party or the wedding minister can recite this wedding poem and reading which is usually done before the vows.

E.  Don’t be afraid to express how you feel in the context of your wedding vow.  This is the time to do it.  Your wedding ceremony is your expression of love for your partner and  your pronouncement to the world.  Express yourself in your wedding vows about how you really feel for your partner and how you would like to remember your wedding ceremony.


Additional Wedding Ceremony Elements

1)      Poems or readings before the vows and after the opening

2)      Sand Ceremony: Two vessels of sand are poured together into a 3rd keepsake vessel by both the bride and groom.(symbolizing your individuality coming together as One)

This is done after the vows and before the ring exchange.

3    Unity Candle: The bride and groom individually  light their own candle and then using their own candle light the middle one together.

 Or if you want to include Mom, both moms come up together (representing individual families) and light individual candle symbolizing separate lives, experiences, etc. Then Bride and Groom Use the individual candle to light the center candle together symbolizing unity.

Done after vows and before the rings.

4)      Rose Ceremony: A single rose given to each Mother from both bride and groom-symbolizing love and appreciation  of family.

Done before the wedding vow.

A single rose given from Groom to Bride and Bride to Groom as a first gift of love.

Done after the ring exchange


Rev. Nancy Sloan