RoHun therapy guides us to identify and release faulty thought patterns which block us from attracting our highest good. This rapid acting and transformational  spiritual psychotherapy is a process of enlightenment for personal growth and change. As an energy based method of healing, RoHun clears the seven major energy centers that are responsible for the spiritual,  mental, emotional, and physical health of our being.

By creating  an even flow of energy from our essence to our purpose, RoHun blends spiritual and psychological processes to access and clear blocks and self limiting thoughts and emotions  from current life experiences,  previous conditioning and dysfunctional life scripts. Through a progression of steps to enlighten thoughts and feelings while  forgiving  and releasing the negative past, Rohun effectively and lovingly connects you with your Spirit and Higher Self. The process opens your heart and allows you to give and receive love, while you  discover and Be your greatest Self.


Basic RoHun Reading:


Your energy resonates with RoHun Energy. As you select the cards, you will discover and release the single most important emotional block, with faulty thought, that is preventing you from expressing your full potential. 1.5hr  $130.00 (includes short pre-reading consultation)

RoHun Purification Session:

Experience the gentle, supportive nature of this rapid acting trans-personal therapy. As facilitator I will guide you in the  release of old conditioned faulty thought patterns that have created unworthiness, fear, helplessness, and judgment of  self. Through this beautiful loving  process, the dialogue continues to nourish your inner child and realize your true potential.  3hr  $375.00

RoHun Skim:

This session takes place approximately one month after the Purification. Deeper issues that have emerged  are now ready to be released and healed.     1.5hr  $130.00

Shadow Purification:

This  ultimate cleansing  heals the core part of ourselves that we prefer not to carry in the conscious mind; the portion of self we pushed into darkness and hoped to forget because it abused it’s power and separated us from oneness. This separation creates all kinds of confusion within ourselves.  Once cleared, you can begin to accept yourself as a loving being with purpose and direction and frees you to live responsibly from the core of your true self. Purification is required before this and sessions below.. More information given after Purification.

Continue your  Self Realization and the Transformational Journey with:

Integration of the Illusion of Separateness

Integration of Male/Female Energies

Seven Visions of Self-Transformation

Healing the Battle of Heart and Mind

…and the process continues with deeper therapies for personal transformation of Self.

* Rohun Purification Process must be done first before continuing on to deeper transformational therapies.


Yhandi- Inner Child Healing: Healing the Mental and Emotional Bodies

Inner Child:

Our inner child is our emotional body. It is responsible for our health, our vitality, joy, creativity, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and personal feelings in our life. Our feelings can become overwhelmed, suppressed or frozen  by thought. We become afraid, and decide it is not safe to feel.

We end up feeling stuck, numb and confused. Sometimes we might just ‘check out.’ This is when the emotional body, the inner child, removes itself, sits on the sidelines and does not participate. We are not present in our lives because ‘it’s better not to feel’. We do not experience life fully when we are not in our feeling nature.


Our adult is our mental body. It is responsible for our ability to organize and accomplish goals. It  has vision and purpose, and knows it can move in and shape the world. It is our strength and direction. But because of our experience, the adult becomes afraid of the child’s feelings and spontaneity.

The Adult takes on the role of the parent. We become structured and rule oriented. We live as we think we ‘should’ and not how we honestly  feel. We want to control. When the inner child and adult are not in cooperation, we sabotage our lives. We pull the rug out from under ourselves. We feel stuck, unable to solve our problems,  and we are convinced we have to struggle just to keep going.

Inner Light Rescue- Harmonizing Thought and Feeling:

The four session Yhandi  experience gives us the exact picture of our behavior pattern during stress. It gives us the ability to let go of old behavior and create a new way to handle stress with creativity. We are able to live our lives without old control patterns.  Every potential disaster can then turn into a beautiful opportunity. Your ability to achieve is rediscovered. The integration of the Inner Child and Adult brings harmony, creativity, and freedom to choose what you want out of your life and to accomplish those intentions.  Approx. 12+ hrs of healing divided into 4 sessions.   $585.00 (special introductory  price)