Physical Body Therapies

Therapeutic Massage

Trained in Swedish, Neuromuscular, Orthopedic, Craniosacral and Lymphatic massage techniques,  along with  30 years of practice in  integrative/energy anatomy and meditation therapies, I believe the body is the doorway to our greater self. Regular massage therapy is an important element in maintaining good health. The benefits are cumulative.  Each massage is given with conscious awareness and deliberate, focused touch  bringing you into the present moment.  Promotes deep relaxation, stress relief, purification and overall well-being. 1hr-$70.00

 Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a gentle rhythmic skin massage promoting deep relaxation. Excellent for general and after illness detoxification. Facilitates the removal of  swelling and bruising from injury and surgical procedures, improves scarring. 1hr.-$80.00

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

The blocks we experience, whether postural habits, physical tensions, or unresolved emotions are often gross manifestations of subtle patterns of energy that have moved into inertia and have become dense, rigidly held blockages in the body. When allowed, this energy can resolve and heal itself. The resolve creates profound release, physical opening and energetic restructuring–assisting in the resolution of core life issues and creating body/mind integration.

In this  session you will cultivate body awareness  with a series of assisted and supported yoga postures to powerfully release excess tensions.

1 hr. – $50.00.    $135.00 -3 sessions.


Private Hatha  or Kundalini Yoga Sessions

Improve strength, energy, consciousness, flexibility, muscle tone, lower blood pressure with a series of Hatha Yoga Amrit style, postures designed specifically for your needs.

Kundalini Yoga Technology using kriyas, mantra, meditation, and pranayam(breath) for  weight loss, habituation, self reliance, confidence, focus,  releasing self-defeating attitudes and blocks, improving the chakra system, and more specifically designed for your well being..

1 hr.- $50.00   $135.00 – 3 sessions