Subtle Body Therapies

Brazilian Light Energization

Light Energization is a unique and sacred process that brings spiritual healing to the individual, enhancing ones sensitivity and creating a greater kinship with all life. By drawing up the Kundalini energy through the chakras, a sacred connection is made between you and Spirit. Healing occurs on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Please wear white or light colored clothing for this 1hr experience. $90.00


Lotus Energy Massage

This  Brazilian healing session removes energy blocks along the spinal cord, increasing vitality and improving circulation.  Harmony occurs on the physical, mental, emotional, and  spiritual  levels as Spirit doctors are channeled to promote healing where needed creating overall well-being. 1 hr session. $75.00


Reiki Healing

When the flow of life force energy is ebbing and flowing unhindered within the body, we experience full health, comfort and well being. When blocked or hindered by stress and our resistant reactions, the frozen energy creates imbalance that manifests as emotional, mental, or physical ill health. Reiki (Consciousness itself aligned with Life Force Energy) returns the body/mind to a state of deep integrative relaxation where balance and harmony can settle back in. 1.5 hr (includes consultation).  $75.00


Sacred Sound  and Color Healing

The human energy system has great sensitivity and is much like an orchestra. When all the instruments are playing in tune, the body plays its own harmonic symphony. When one instrument is out of rhythm it affects the whole. The focus of sound and color healing is to restore harmony to the portion of the body that is vibrating out of tune. With the use of tuning forks resonating to the frequency of a particular area of the body’s electromagnetic field and healing color pomanders of liquid crystal energies, the body, emotions, mind and spirit merge into one harmonious balance. Please wear white or light  colored clothing for this 1.5 hr experience. $90.00