Guided Meditation

Blood Cleanse

The Blood Cleanse is an effective healing guided meditation  that cleanses and purifies the blood, activates healthy cells and erases memory of disease. The process works to restore health to the physical , mental,  and emotional bodies. Wear light colored clothing  1 hour – $75.00

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep, an ancient technique putting you in a state of profound relaxation. In this deeply integrative state, using a series of easily practiced relaxation techniques, with the combination of alert awareness, you are able to break the pattern of stress and old destructive habits. Additional benefits include: lower blood pressure, increase immune system, prevent premature aging, stabilize blood sugar, promote restful sleep, relieves muscular tension, pain and much more. 2 hrs. includes consultation.$120.00.

Popular group sessions available. Please call for more information.


 Yoga Nidra Cd sold separately-$13.00–out of stock