As you view the different  pages you may realize the therapies I provide are holistic in nature-meaning they address the physical body, the mental and the emotional bodies,  and the spiritual body. Integration is the master key to good health and happiness. If one system is out of balance, over time, the rest of the systems eventually follow.

All the therapies are meant to keep every part of you in harmony-particularly the spiritual  energy therapies-opening your spiritual awareness,  releasing the temporary self and negativity that trick us into stressful situations and unhealthy choices thus attracting the same.  Liberation from misguided thought patterns clears the path for you connect to the Source within- creating self empowerment through  love, wisdom and forgiveness.

We are energetic beings first and we have come to this earth to learn how to be human. We all deserve good health, love and happiness in our lives, that is our birthright. My purpose is to assist you in your enlightenment, igniting  your vital life force to maintain  good health, and finding your self empowerment by awakening the memory of the timeless being that you are.

In Love and Light,


           Yamuna Devi- Goddess of Purification…..

Purification of the self is like peeling off the layers of the petals of a rose. One by one, and eventually coming to  the center. The center being the life, the Source of  vitality which makes the rose what it is. My therapies heal all the layers through love and forgiveness of the self, realizing you are first and foremost, a loving Self with the ability to create endless opportunities in life.

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